Why Men Love Escorts

Many people may wonder why men use the services of escorts.

Why can’t they go out and meet a girl like a normal person? Is there something wrong with them? Are they sex addicts? What’s the allure? What’s the reasoning behind this obsession with the escort?

Well, the escort, companion, courtesan, lady of the night or whatever you choose to call her provides a one of a kind services that you can’t find in everyday life.

Many men appreciate this, and that’s why the escort industry exists.

Do you have a busy work life? Are you always jet setting across the globe? Do you lack the time to date or chase the thrills of a conventional relationship? It’s hard enough dealing with the struggle of keeping and maintaining a relationship. Can you blame guys for wanting escorts to have an enjoyable time?

You may take your escort to dinner and a show, but at the end of the night you know that you will be having “dessert”.

Another big reason why escorts are so popular:

Some men are very shy and timid.

They don’t handle everyday women and the game that goes with getting and maintaining relationships. Some men don’t have the confidence of approaching women. Maybe they aren’t a 10 on the hotness scale. So these gentlemen utilize the service of an escort because there is no pressure. But these gentlemen, when choosing an escort, can be made to feel like a king no matter the situation.

What about the married man who comes home to his wife and kids everyday and makes sure the home life is taken care of?

He is in charge of making sure the bills are paid, and food is on the table. But there is still something lacking in the home, and that is much needed affection and a physical connection that due to the stress of the day, maybe the wife just doesn’t feel up to everything the husband may want in the bedroom.

These men may love their wives, but they seek out the pleasures of the escort for this reason.
Lastly the guy who has it all and he simply wants the best.

These gentlemen are distinguished and attractive. And they are looking for women on their level. They have a very specific type. And it’s way easier to browse for an escort than to go and find the unicorn they seek in their everyday life. Because they will know what it is exactly they are getting.

So there are many reasons why an escort is chosen vs. the traditional dating methods.

It’s quick and easy, not to mention services are guaranteed. There is no wining and dining if you don’t want it.

The escort is the one commodity that is there for the benefit of those who seek pleasure without the constraints of a relationship. We’ve highlighted Melbourne’s finest on this site!

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