Melbourne Escort Incalls: What You Need to Know

An incall location is usually a hotel, but in this article we are referencing incall locations as the escort’s private home.

There is a certain way to behave when visiting anybody’s home. Now amplify that several times given that you are a) meeting a stranger and b) intending to have sex with her!

Escort Incall Tips

1. Contact your escort 24 hours prior to your appointment to get directions, and work out any parking issues. You want to be sure of where you are going so you can arrive on time. Keep in mind your time starts even if you’re not there.

2. If your escort is living in an apartment complex, do not walk and talk on the phone. It draws attention. But do look around. Although escorting is legal in Melbourne, it does not mean that an escort wants attention drawn to her place of residence. So if you are unsure sit in your car and call her for better directions to her direct location.

3. Dress appropriately and take care of your hygiene before showing up. It is downright uncalled for to show up for an appointment smelling like feet. If you are coming straight from work, make prior arrangements with your escort. Ask her if you could use her shower before the appointment. She will probably appreciate the gesture!

4. On the subject of feet, clean shoes/socks should also be a mandatory piece of attire. You don’t want to dirty up someone’s carpet or floors. Take your shoes off at the door. Try to be respectful of other people’s living space. This applies to more than just escort visits!

5. Do not drink heavily or do drugs prior to coming to your appointment. Under no circumstances should you bring illegal substances into a Melbourne escort’s incall location — especially if it’s her home. If she suspects you are heavily under the influence, or have brought anything other than a nice bottle of wine, she has every right to terminate the appointment immediately.

Remember: this is her private personal property, and if you are unaware of how to behave then just think of how you would want visitors to behave on your own property. Be respectful and courteous. Do not go snooping around.

Follow these guidelines and you should find your host to be extra accommodating during your stay 😉

Most of our featured Melbourne escorts provide both incall and outcall services, but some independents prefer only outcalls. Check her website for more information.

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