5 Ways to Piss Off Your Escort

So, you’ve booked an appointment with one of Melbourne’s fine escorts and you are all set for a good time. Want to know how to completely ruin your evening?

Here’s 5 things that will piss off your escort.

Keep them in mind or your ‘mileage’ will definitely vary.

Tip #1. Cancelling without proper advanced notice is a big no no. Always give proper notification if you should need to cancel. Getting ready takes time and effort not to mention you booked a slot that your escort could have potentially filled had you given proper notice.

Tip #2. Don’t push boundaries. If your escort says no to a certain act, you shouldn’t press the issue. Boundaries are set in place for a reason. Most of Melbourne’s independent escorts, as well as agencies, will list services offered on their website or will notify you of the services offered when making contact.

Tip #3. I don’t care how many times you’ve seen your favourite lady, do not at any time ask her to render free services for you. Look at it this way: if your boss asked you to work for a week for free, would you do it? My guess is you’d be telling him where to shove it, which is exactly what our response will be.

Tip #4: Freshen up before arriving. Please, guys! We know you work hard, but try not to show up dirty or smelly. If you’re coming to meet with your escort from work, ask her in advance if she has a shower and if you can use it. Do not show up with an almighty stench and expect to get serviced.

Tip #5. Be kind, respectful, humble. An escort is somebody else’s daughter, sister, best friend, etc etc. If you want to be an ass, we can’t stop you. But we can certainly ‘phone in’ your evening’s entertainment and slip in a bad word about you. Respect your escort!

Also do keep in mind that there are plenty of ways you can impress an escort, too.

Keep these tips in mind and you should be guaranteed a fantastic session 😉

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