10 Sex Tips to Make Her Beg

Are you not the Don Juan you thought you were? Is your sexual partner balancing her check book in her head instead of enjoying you going to town on her?

If this is the case, allow me to give you some sex tips that will get a reaction other than “Honey, are you there yet?”

How to Make Her Beg

Sex Tip #1: Set the mood. Give your environment some romantic touches. She will like that. Find things that will excite all the senses: smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing. Leave no sense behind 😉

Sex Tip #2: Who knew breathing could be so sexy? The feel of your breath on your partner’s body is a great turn on.

Sex Tip #3: There isn’t one woman who won’t find being thrown around in the bathroom extremely hot. I know I do. Any guy who can lift me up is guaranteed the best session of his life.

Sex Tip #4: Talk dirty. People underestimate the power of talking dirty. Talking dirty is totally hot if done in the proper manner and no one is offended.

Sex Tip #5: Panty torture is one of my faves. A guy has me out of everything but my panties and rubs his junk on me there or goes down on me with my panties on. So stimulating. Guaranteed orgasm!

Sex Tip #6: Vampires have the right idea with the neck thing! Biting the neck — playfully of course — just enough to add a little pain with the pleasure will send her through the roof. I promise.

Sex Tip #7: Rough it. Women, whether they admit it or not, like a little rough play in the sack on occasion.

Sex Tip #8: My personal kryptonite = kissing the back of the neck. You want me to turn into a wild banshee? There you go. You just better be prepared for what’s to come when you implement this tip. Girls go crazy!!!!

Sex Tip #9: Massages are a great way to get things started and to get her worked up. Don’t rush. Start slow and make her wait it out. I had a gentleman who spent at least an hour on my body with oils. I was ready to go within the first 20 minutes but he made me wait.

Sex Tip #10: Roleplay is always fun. I love playing it to the hilt. Using this keeps things fun and refreshing. Don’t stop with just acting — dress the part. Take it as far as you can. Roleplay is great fun.

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