Club 859 Brothel: Inside Melbourne’s Boutique Bordello

Club 859 is one of Melbourne’s longest serving brothels, based in Caulfield South on Glenhuntly Road.

It has been delivering pleasure to satisfied clients for over 25 years.

The brothel is owned and operated by women. They take great pride in their reputation as a happy and inviting ‘Boutique Brothel’; one that provides full service to men, women and couples.

Club 859 currently has 31 women on its roster. They believe that every man has a different taste, and this is reflected in the diversity of the women they have working at any given time.

Inside you’ll meet women who are slender or curvy, confident or submissive, blondes, brunettes, Europeans and even a lady dubbed the ‘Bollywood Queen’.

Check out the Club 859 roster page for an idea of types and tastes. While there are no pics of the ladies included, you can see some of their rotas.

Club 859: Services Offered

Club 859 brothel Melbourne

Club859: Here’s what to expect inside Melbourne’s ’boutique brothel’

The ‘menu’ at Club 859 is likely to leave you satisfied.

Full service is available, with a minimum session of just 15 minutes.

This brothel also provides a twin service, Bi twin service, couples service, a contact striptease show, and a fully fledged escort outcall service (call for details and availability).

If you are in a hurry, there is a ‘hand relief’ service that can send you on your way feeling somewhat lighter.

Greek sex and B&D are both available on request, as well as many fantasies that can be discussed with individual service providers.

Upon arriving at Club 859, a friendly host will provide you the full menu of services and fees, before whisking you in to meet the ladies.

Club 859 Prices

Prices start at $80 for a 15 minute session.

Price List

  • 15 mins, $80
  • 20 mins, $110
  • 30 mins, $140
  • 45 mins, $190
  • 60 mins, $240

*All prices inclusive of GST.

So, certainly not the cheapest brothel in Melbourne — but you’re getting high quality ladies offering only the most sensuous services.

It’s also nice to see Club 859 listing how each fee is divided between the house and the lady. As you can see, the lady always receives more than the house. Although we’re sure she’ll appreciate any extra tips if her service is impeccable. 😉

Interested in a free session?

Join the queue!

Club 859 runs a monthly competition where they give away a free one hour session (worth $240). All you have to do to enter is go to their website and submit a comment form. Enter it once and you’ll be eligible for every draw.

We have no idea what the chances of winning are, but hey, you’ll remember the prize for a long time if you do!

The draw is held on the 1st of each month at 10:00am. The winner is then notified by email with details on how to claim the lucky prize.

Club 859 Opening Hours

Club 859 is not a 24/7 brothel. It closes fairly early.

Here are the current opening hours:

  • Monday: 10:00am – 2:00am
  • Tuesday: 10:00am – 2:00am
  • Wednesday: 10:00am – 2:00am
  • Thursday: 10:00am – 3:00am
  • Friday: 10:00am – 3:00am
  • Saturday: 10:00am – 3:00am
  • Sunday: 10:00am – 3:00am

Where is Club 859?

The brothel can be found at: 859 Glenhuntly Road. Caulfield South, Victoria 3162.

Getting there:

  • Take the No.67 tram — This will take you from Flinders Street Station to their front door, which is stop No.52 on Glenhuntly Road.
  • Nearby train stations are Elsternwick Station and Glenhuntly Station. The brothel is between both.

Club 859 is just down the road from the Kittens Striptease Club. So if she set out for a little eye candy, but find yourself wanting a little more than you bargained for — well — you know where to go!

For more information, visit the Club 859 website, or call on 03 9523 8555.

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Have you been to the Club 859 brothel? How was your experience?

California Club Brothel: Here’s What You Need To Know

California Club is one of Melbourne’s top brothels.

It is located just 10 minutes from the busy CBD and stays open from 10am til late.

Inside you will find some of the most stunning, attentive and delectable ladies in Melbourne; all of them passionate about ensuring you come away satisfied.

At last check, California Club had 40 women on their roster. These girls are handpicked from locations all over the world, including many who are local to Melbourne.

Each girl has a profile on the site. The description explains a little about what you can expect — personality, body type, and looks — but sadly there are no teaser pics.

They do have roster schedules though.

Useful if you have a favourite girl that you’re looking to catch…

The best way to take your pick of the California Girls is to turn up and meet them in one of the private lounge areas.

California Club: The Facilities

If you’ve only been to hole-in-the-wall brothels around Melbourne, you’ll be taken back by the facilities at the California Club.

This is a lavish brothel; all rooms are extremely well kitted out.

The brothel has eighteen rooms, various spa suites (for a longer stay), a smoker’s lounge, and several niche interest rooms, including a bondage chamber.

California Club: Melbourne BDSM Brothel

Looking for a BDSM Brothel in Melbourne? See if you can handle California Club’s dungeon…

Yes, California Club is the place to live out your mistress fantasies.

It has its very own Discipline Room, in which you’ll find a wall decorated with a number of sex toys, devices and various BDSM accessories.

There aren’t many brothels in Melbourne that kit out an entire room for bondage play, but this is one of them.

California Club reserves a separate roster for its BDSM service providers, from which you can arrange to meet Master Edward, Mistress Shah, Trans Mistress Vervain, Switch Mistress Layla or Miss Grace.

The ‘dungeon’ is open to first timers, couples, groups and all gender identities.

Another highlight is the mirror room.

And trust us, when you see some of the ladies that work here, you’re going to appreciate a crap load of mirrors. Bask in the view and then dust yourself off in the Smoker’s Lounge.

Not a bad way to spend an evening in Melbourne!

A Loyalty Scheme?!

California Club Brothel

California Club Brothel: Meet some of Melbourne’s finest ladies…

California Club is one of the few Melbourne brothels to offer a loyalty programme. Regular punters can get a free standard booking after every eighth booking in a six month period.

If you are the kind of guy who knows what he wants, and routinely finds it at the California Club, then help yourself to this and enjoy a little extra freebie for your loyalty.

We assume this is one membership that doesn’t come with a card…

California Club Prices

Like most luxury Melbourne brothels, the pricing is structured around peak and off-peak visit times.

Day time prices (10am to 6pm)

  • 20 mins (Daytime Special) – $140
  • 30 mins – $160
  • 45 mins – $210
  • 60 mins – $250

Night time prices (6pm to 10am)

  • 30 mins – $190
  • 45 mins – $240
  • 60 mins – $280

All prices are inclusive of GST.

There are ATM facilities available on premises. Both Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

What about extras?

Various ‘Fantasy Services’ are available at an extra cost.

Discuss this with the service provider when you get to the venue.

California Club Opening Hours

Looking for your fix at an awkward time?

California Club isn’t quite a 24/7 brothel, but it might as well be.

Here are the current opening hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 10am to 6am
  • Friday to Sunday: Open 24/7 through to 6am on the Monday.

Where is California Club?

The brothel is located at: 30 St Kilda Road, St Kilda. Victoria 3182.

How to Get There

By Tram

  • Tram Stop 30: St Kilda Junction/St Kilda Rd
  • Tram Stop 131: St Kilda Rd/Fitzroy St

By Bus

  • Take the 246 – Elsternwick to Clifton Hill via St Kilda Stop (ID no. 1112)

You’ll find the entrance located on Phoenix Lane.

There is a secure undercover car park for those who are driving and/or worried about discretion.

For more information, visit the California Club website, or call on +61 3 9529 4727.

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Have you been to the California Club brothel? How was your experience?

Where Do Single Ladies Hang Out In Melbourne?

Ever wonder where the single women like to hang out in Melbourne? This city has a lot of cool bars, and the following venues are great spots for mingling with women.

Especially on the weekends!

The Croft Institute

Croft Alley, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

+61 3 9671 4399


A gimmicked bar that draws in smart girls and academic types, why not take a visit to the Croft Institute?  It is a unique bar that that was established at an oldie science laboratory.  The drinks are contained in syringes, making for a slightly bizarre experience that is a great conversation ice-breaker.

The LuWow

62-70 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

+61 3 9417 5447


The LuWoW is lively and vibrant.  It is a tiki cocktail paradise perfect for those looking for Hawaiian-ish ladies.  The cocktails are strong and it can get pretty noisy. A good time bar.

Atticus Finch

129 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057, Australia

+61 3 9387 0188

atticus finch

Alternatively, go for the cozy ambiance at the Atticus Finch. Don’t be surprised if the girls chilling here are the literary types. It’s a more sedate crowd. A nice place to sip wine and enjoy friendly conversation.

Aviary Hotel

271 Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia

+61 3 9428 7727


If you are the romantic type, find your girl on Victoria Street in the Aviary Hotel.  This pub gives off a romantic vibe. Don’t be confused by the hotel location. The Aviary is usually jammed packed each weekend; full with the locals.

Naked for Satan

285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

+61 3 9416 2238


No, it’s not what you think!  Naked for Satan was inspired by a naked vodka drink with infused concoction of caramel.  They also have a dining venue called the Naked in the Sky. A spacious venue and quite table-heavy, so bring your confidence if you’re planning to pull!

How To Impress An Escort

Are you looking to make a lasting impression with one of Melbourne’s fine escorts?  

Most guys like to just show up and do the deed, and of course that is an option.

But if you want to make a lasting impression, go the extra mile, and perhaps get a slice of extra quality service in return, then here are 5 tips to impress an escort.

1. Learn about her — do your research.

You may gloss over her website in the initial contact phase. But if you want to make her feel really special, go in and really read her website. Get a feel for what makes her tick.

She will be flattered you took the time to read her website and get to know her. But don’t recite her website profile word for word or you may come off… stalkerish.

A sense of character is one thing, a detailed chronological record of her every move is another thing altogether!

2. Don’t be so serious. Allow a laugh or two!

Some guys greet their escorts with a serious look on their face as if some kind of apocalypse is coming.

Come on, gents! Girls love humour.

Your typical Melbourne escort is no exception.

A joke, or self-deprecating manner, lightens the mood and makes things go smoother.

3. Dress to impress.

Come nicely groomed and smelling nice. Don’t ever show up sweaty or disgusting.

If you find you are coming from work or the gym, tell your escort prior to showing up looking like a sweaty mess. I am sure she will allow you to use the shower, but don’t just show up looking as if you’ve recently escaped a car crash.

4. Confidence is good.

Women love men who are confident and smart.

We understand that some guys choose escorts because they don’t have confidence to go out and smooth talk a woman at a bar.

That’s fine, but it doesn’t change what most women like.

My best advice for confidence? Fake it until you make it!

5. Come bearing gifts. 

It’s not required to bring gifts, but it is nice. 

Bringing a gift or giving a little extra toward the donation is a good way to make a lasting impression with your escort. 

Melbourne escorts like it when their clients are considerate and thoughtful enough to do a little something extra.

If you’re asking yourself — I’m paying for sex, why would I want to impress her?

I will tell you. You get a lot more perks by using the tips above.

You go a little over your time? She is less likely to kick you out right away. And as you know with a lot of escorts, your mileage may vary (YMMV).

If you’re extra nice, she may be extra nice to you.

The law of reciprocation is pretty relevant when it comes to impressing an escort 😉

How Your Profile Picture Can Help You Get Laid

Looking to get laid online? Choosing your profile picture is, how shall we say this?


It is a first visual impression.

So you want to make a good one.

Most times, women won’t even bother to look at the rest of the profile if the picture fails to spark their fire. I’m sure the same applies for you guys.

Here are some profile picture tips to help you enjoy more success on hookup sites:

Don’t post a photo without paying attention to the surrounding area of the photo.

Face it guys, some of you make yourself out to be slobs. A girl is not going to respond if you look like you live in a dumpster or junkyard. Take a picture in an area that is nice and neat.

Remove beer cans from the background where necessary.

I’d recommend Photoshop, or a bin liner.

Whatever is easier.

Don’t use cropped photos.

The first thing a woman is going to notice is that the photo is cropped and the second thought is… what was cropped out the photo? Was it an ex girlfriend or someone you dated?

Avoid mauling photos from the first year of your marriage ‘just because you look good in it’ and use a different photo.

Don’t take a photo with a wad of cash in your hand.

What is it with this tactic?!


So you just cashed your paycheck for the week and decided to get the check in all one dollar bills. And we’re supposed to be impressed?

Congratulations, and thank you trusty back button.

Another no-no:

Don’t take a picture in front of some hot little car that you were checking out at your local car dealership. We can see the corners of your beady little eyes getting ready to run as the true owner of said Ballermobile approaches the lot…

The half naked or naked photo sends the wrong impression.

It’s not that we don’t like the look of your body, but it makes you seem a little too in to yourself. Women tend to go for guys who don’t take themselves so seriously.

Play it casual.

If you can find a way to sneak your body in the picture without overtly showing it off — congratulations, that’s a winning technique!

‘The face’, you know the one I am talking about.

The face that says “I am all that. I am hard. I am a playa.”

Don’t use that face.

Smile in a photo. Show some enthusiasm and emotion. It makes you look far more approachable.

Even on hookup sites, women find ‘approachable’ a winner.

Drugs and alcohol in a photo limits your appeal. Severely.

I suggest refraining from using photos of you doing any kind of drugs or alcohol. It makes you look sketchy. It makes you look very sketchy.

And sketchy is a bad quality on a hookup site that is already associated to profound quantities of sketchiness. Avoid!


First impressions are everything.

Your profile picture is the entry ticket to a slightly longer window of attention that most women won’t afford you if you scare the living bejesus out of her with the first pic!

The Melbourne GFE Escort

The Melbourne GFE Escort

So you’re visiting Melbourne for a business trip. Or maybe you’re doing some vacation traveling. We wouldn’t blame you for wanting to spend some time with one of Melbourne’s beautiful escorts.  

Finding beauty among Melbourne escorts is no problem whatsoever. These are some of the sexiest women in Australia.

However, finding the perfect Melbourne GFE could be. If you’re wondering what GFE means, it stands for the Girlfriend Experience.

What does a Melbourne GFE experience entail?

Ladies who offer the GFE services are one of a kind. They are multi-purpose. 😉

You can take a GFE escort to all types of functions. They make wonderful arm candy for those business dinners or parties. If you want the company of a woman to enjoy your time, or to impress your peers, then you will be very happy with this package.

These ladies make their living by being sophisticated, elegant and classy. You will want to be seen in public with a Melbourne GFE, you will be the envy of any man in attendance.

Is the GFE different in the bedroom?

Yes, it certainly is.

As most of you users of escorts know, escorts have set rules that you are expected to obey. The Melbourne GFE is not without her own rules, but the menu does open up.

You will find yourself being allowed to DFK (deep French kiss), which is usually a no no for more traditional escorts. Some may also offer extended foreplay and oral sex. 

You get all of this, plus an unrushed session where you can have conversation and cuddles, as you would with an actual girlfriend. GFEs tend not to be clock-watchers because the GFE experience is just as the term states: a girlfriend experience.

She provides you with the fantasy or illusion of an actual girlfriend.

How do you find a Melbourne GFE?

It’s called the Internet, gentlemen!

You simply go online and type in the key phrase ‘Melbourne Australia GFE’, and I promise you will find a number independent escorts, escort agencies, and brothels offering this service.

It’s one of the most popular packages in the escorting world.

Check out our escort listings for some of the better Melbourne GFE packages. You won’t regret it!

Melbourne Escort Incalls: What You Need to Know

An incall location is usually a hotel, but in this article we are referencing incall locations as the escort’s private home.

There is a certain way to behave when visiting anybody’s home. Now amplify that several times given that you are a) meeting a stranger and b) intending to have sex with her!

Escort Incall Tips

1. Contact your escort 24 hours prior to your appointment to get directions, and work out any parking issues. You want to be sure of where you are going so you can arrive on time. Keep in mind your time starts even if you’re not there.

2. If your escort is living in an apartment complex, do not walk and talk on the phone. It draws attention. But do look around. Although escorting is legal in Melbourne, it does not mean that an escort wants attention drawn to her place of residence. So if you are unsure sit in your car and call her for better directions to her direct location.

3. Dress appropriately and take care of your hygiene before showing up. It is downright uncalled for to show up for an appointment smelling like feet. If you are coming straight from work, make prior arrangements with your escort. Ask her if you could use her shower before the appointment. She will probably appreciate the gesture!

4. On the subject of feet, clean shoes/socks should also be a mandatory piece of attire. You don’t want to dirty up someone’s carpet or floors. Take your shoes off at the door. Try to be respectful of other people’s living space. This applies to more than just escort visits!

5. Do not drink heavily or do drugs prior to coming to your appointment. Under no circumstances should you bring illegal substances into a Melbourne escort’s incall location — especially if it’s her home. If she suspects you are heavily under the influence, or have brought anything other than a nice bottle of wine, she has every right to terminate the appointment immediately.

Remember: this is her private personal property, and if you are unaware of how to behave then just think of how you would want visitors to behave on your own property. Be respectful and courteous. Do not go snooping around.

Follow these guidelines and you should find your host to be extra accommodating during your stay 😉

Most of our featured Melbourne escorts provide both incall and outcall services, but some independents prefer only outcalls. Check her website for more information.

Don’t Be That John!

So you want to schedule an appointment with a luscious Melbourne escort.

Are you a clueless first timer?

If you are, I am going to help things go smoothly during the process of booking. There are just certain things you don’t do.

If you want a hang up in your face, or ‘do not answer (DNA)’ next to your number in a Melbourne escort’s phone, then avoid the following:

It’s Business, Honey

Personal information is just that… personal.

Do not ask an escort for her personal information. Do not try to pry in to her personal life.  Please understand the connection you share with your escort is purely professional. Being a first timer, you may think you have made an intimate connection, but realize this is only an illusion.

And I-L-L-U-S-I-O-N.

It’s what we do. So don’t ask what an escort’s real name is. Or about her family or background. Simply don’t do it!

Keep it Subtle!

Do not call an escort talking about explicit sexual activity.

That is a huge no no.

If you want to be hung up on immediately, and if being hung up on in your face is your goal then by all means — go ahead.

Honestly, you shouldn’t do it simply because it is downright rude. Most times any information of that nature is obtained from the escort’s website. If you have a particular fetish, bring it up in a professional and polite tone. And for your FYI we know when you are beating your meat over the phone.

We hear the fap fap.

You Will be Screened. It’s Not Personal!

Please guys: adhere to the screening process.

This process is in place for a reason. We did not implement it for your torture, or to give you a hard time. We simply want to know you are whom you say you are, and we are safe in your presence.

Avoid Confirming the Appointment 7 Times

Your appointment is not D-Day. Maybe it is for you, but not for us.

Do not continually call or text us days prior to a scheduled appointment. It is not necessary. Should anything change with your escort’s schedule, she will let you know in a professional and courteous manner. You should only make contact if there are changes on your end. 

Got it, gents?!

So don’t be that John!

Do any of the things above and it makes you that guy, and a total douche in our eyes.

We realize some guys really are clueless, especially newbies. But we also have guys that call and do it just for the hell of it to see how far they can go with it. If you want a successful appointment, I suggest avoiding any of the above tactics.

It won’t go well. I promise you!

How to Make an Escort Like You

I want to touch on a subject that, as an escort, I found extremely irritating.

Hopefully this will help you should you encounter the situation.

Example: Let’s say you’ve shared a memorable night in Melbourne with the escort of your wildest dreams. It was fantastic and everything you ever thought it would be. You bonded and connected.

Fast-forward 6 months down the line and you decide you want that encounter again.

And you call your escort, and you tell her you had a fabulous time with her. And you would like to recreate the magic. But wait…

She has no clue who you are or what you are talking about.

This is offensive to you, and naturally, you lose your damn mind in one almighty bitch fit.


Please understand we talk to potentially 100s of guys every month and maybe a quarter of them actually book.

Everything starts to run together, and sometimes we won’t remember you.


If you really want to be memorable to your escort here some tips to help you out.

Make the date stand out in her head.

I had a great experience with a gentleman who invited me to visit him at his outcall location. When I arrived he had a luxurious room service meal, flowers, candles and a lovely bottle of wine waiting for me. We had a great time. And I never forgot him because he did those small little things. And I remember him fondly. So do something other than come in and strip off your clothes and go straight to business, because then you are competing with 95% of her other clients.

If you want to be remembered, you’ve got to be memorable.

Surprise your escort with something unexpected.

I had a gentleman come see me on my birthday. Granted I saw a couple of others that day, but I remember him because he put my donation in a birthday card with a puppy on it. And he also included a big tip. I remember him not only because he saw me on my birthday but that card was so adorable, and I still think about him.

And if he called me tomorrow I would know exactly who he is.

Don’t be afraid to share small but memorable details.

I once had a client who was retired from the NFL. I will never forget him for that reason — he was Mr Ex-NFL. Not to mention his body was covered in unique tats. He sticks out in my head because it’s not every day someone from the NFL books time with me. I would remember him based or his unique tats. It’s not too often I have gentlemen in his early 60s wearing a tatted sleeve.

We remember what’s unique about the guys we meet. So if you want to be remembered, give us something to remember you by. Or enter the NFL. Or get a tattoo. Your call!

If you want one of Melbourne’s siren escorts to remember your encounter, the bottom line is you have to make it memorable.

Don’t just come in and do whatever the other guy just before you did.

Remember we do this on a daily basis.

If all else fails, you can try leaving a sizable tip.

Those who make our work pay… tend to be the most memorable.

Why Men Love Escorts

Many people may wonder why men use the services of escorts.

Why can’t they go out and meet a girl like a normal person? Is there something wrong with them? Are they sex addicts? What’s the allure? What’s the reasoning behind this obsession with the escort?

Well, the escort, companion, courtesan, lady of the night or whatever you choose to call her provides a one of a kind services that you can’t find in everyday life.

Many men appreciate this, and that’s why the escort industry exists.

Do you have a busy work life? Are you always jet setting across the globe? Do you lack the time to date or chase the thrills of a conventional relationship? It’s hard enough dealing with the struggle of keeping and maintaining a relationship. Can you blame guys for wanting escorts to have an enjoyable time?

You may take your escort to dinner and a show, but at the end of the night you know that you will be having “dessert”.

Another big reason why escorts are so popular:

Some men are very shy and timid.

They don’t handle everyday women and the game that goes with getting and maintaining relationships. Some men don’t have the confidence of approaching women. Maybe they aren’t a 10 on the hotness scale. So these gentlemen utilize the service of an escort because there is no pressure. But these gentlemen, when choosing an escort, can be made to feel like a king no matter the situation.

What about the married man who comes home to his wife and kids everyday and makes sure the home life is taken care of?

He is in charge of making sure the bills are paid, and food is on the table. But there is still something lacking in the home, and that is much needed affection and a physical connection that due to the stress of the day, maybe the wife just doesn’t feel up to everything the husband may want in the bedroom.

These men may love their wives, but they seek out the pleasures of the escort for this reason.
Lastly the guy who has it all and he simply wants the best.

These gentlemen are distinguished and attractive. And they are looking for women on their level. They have a very specific type. And it’s way easier to browse for an escort than to go and find the unicorn they seek in their everyday life. Because they will know what it is exactly they are getting.

So there are many reasons why an escort is chosen vs. the traditional dating methods.

It’s quick and easy, not to mention services are guaranteed. There is no wining and dining if you don’t want it.

The escort is the one commodity that is there for the benefit of those who seek pleasure without the constraints of a relationship. We’ve highlighted Melbourne’s finest on this site!